Not only in Bangladesh, throughout the world tea is the most consumed beverage after water. As Bangladesh was once ruled by the British, as a part of the Indian subcontinent, understandably Bangladesh obtains the habit of drinking tea from them. The British East Indian Company started the tea trade in the Sylhet hillside area. Tea cultivation in Chittagong was also started during that period. Bangladesh has more than 170 years of successful history in tea cultivation because of its soil condition and suitable weather. There are approximately 167 tea garden (commercially) and Bangladesh is considered one of the largest tea producing countries in the world.

Over the period, Tea has become an important part of Bangladeshi culture. The increased demand has dragged down the export rate and increased the import rate of tea, as the production is not sufficient to facilitate the overall demand. Changing lifestyle of people is playing a positive role in the consumption of tea. People nowadays are becoming more health-conscious which has pushed companies to introduce quality tea. They are consuming green tea and other forms of healthy tea like never before. The rise in income level has also led to the consumption of different flavored tea and expensive brands which opens further opportunity window for the industry. Apart from that, this industry also employs millions of people and most of them are women. In Bangladesh, the Government is helping the industry by providing loans with low interest and research facilities to fulfill domestic demand.

Tea brands in Bangladesh are continuously upgrading their products and packaging for new generations. Ispahani Tea ltd. is the largest tea trading company in Bangladesh and dominates the domestic tea market, capturing approximately 50% of the national branded tea market and 80% of the branded tea-bag market.

There are many other companies and brands that invest mainly in tea products. They are Unilever, Abul Khair Group, Meghna Group of Industries, ACI, Jemcon, James Finlay, etc.

These companies and brands are preferred only after Ispahani Tea Ltd in Bangladesh, according to market research data. Ispahani Mirzapore Tea is the highest selling tea brand in Bangladesh. It has also won the Best Brand Award in 2018 among local & multinational brands across all categories.